Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome Back!

Hey guys long time no see. I know Chaotic is dead but that doesn't mean that players aren't still interested, like myself. But anyways for those who look at my blog I recently posted a video on my Youtube and maybe you could check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sup guys Base here. And its been a long time since I posted a post on my blog. Some of you may not know this but I have quit Chaotic. I have just been bored of it lately. I have tried thinking of new decks but I am running out of ideas cause there isn't new material to work with. So in order to take up my spare time I might be getting back into Chaotic. I will be on the forums more and thinking of some new deck ideas. Thanks for reading and stay in touch with me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Phant and Base: Karma

Well look at that. The duo of Phantasmal and Bsbllall2 are back. And we are bringing you guys more awesome decks for you guys to see and use. This deck is a pure Overworld deck featuring the mighty Maglax, Lodestone Seeker. The one thing we had trouble with is the attack deck.

~Creatures w/ Battlegear~

1. Maglax, Lodestone Seeker w/ Evergreen Tunic
2. Aivenna w/ Xerium Armor
3. Porthyn w/ Bi-Mowercycle
4. Tartrek, PSI-Overloder w/ Bi-Mowercycle
5. Lomma, Desert Wanderer w/ Evergreen Tunic
6. Ikkatosh, Aich King w/ Weightless Energy Vessel
*Note other creatures that can be used Hune Paltanin, Maxxor, Protector of Perim, Gronmor, Gimwei. Even though they will not recieve the Energy boost with Ikkatosh they do work in the deck.

Rhyme of the Reckless x2
Refrain of Denial
Symphony of Shielding
Interlude of n=Interruption
Song of Resurgence
*Note if you put in Hune Paltanin and take out Aivenna you can use Nourshing Nocturn and Psionic Serenade in the deck.

Retallitory Strike 3BP
Telekinetic Bolt 3BP
Charge of Brave x2 4BP
Skeletal Strike x2 4BP
Primal Smash 1BP
Daunting Bravery x2 2BP
Marksmen Preperation x2 2BP
Mineral Mayhem 1BP
Fear Projection x2 0BP
Shadow Strike x2 0BP
Flame Breach x2 0BP
Evaporize x2 0BP

Pouril Forest x2
The Hive Gallery x2
Fear Valley x2
Numin Voidland x2
Kiru City x2

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Over-Reaction vs Water Pressure

Ok well my friend Peacemaker12 posted a Hune Paltanin Supercooled Rain combo a little while ago. So I remembered that I had one myself. I made this deck awhile ago. Mine is a bit different from Peace's. I'll also post a link here to see his deck. And you can compare the two to see which one you like more.

1. Arbeid w/ Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
2. Tangath Toborn, In Training w/ Citadel Fragments
3. Tangath Toborn, In Training w/ Citadel Fragments
4. Lomma, Desert Wanderer w/ Vial of Liquid Thought
5. Hune Paltanin w/ AZAIA Mindprobe
6. Arrthoa, Captain of the Ezoa w/ AZAIA Mindprobe

Refrain of Denial x2
Rhyme of the Reckless x2
Strain of the Tide
Harmonious High Song

Kiru City x2
Doors of the Deepmines x2
Brawler's Burrow x2 (I know bugged)
Foothold Assault Trench
The Rao Po' Sahkk Chimegrid x2
Bodal's Arsenal

SCR x2
Synaptic Acceleration x2
Medetative Leap x2
Flood Force x2
Mindvoid x2
Glacier balls x2
Thinkray x2
Valor Continumn x2
Power Cut x2
Unbalanced Charge x2

So tell me what you think. Compare it to Peace's. Which one do you like more?

Monday, August 30, 2010

And the winner is....

Alright the poll is over. And the winner is a Card Combo. Ok this card combo is for the Danian players. One Creature that isn't used in pure Danian decks is Klencka, Avenger. Klencka has good the two elements associated with Danians. Water and Earth. And to top it off has amazing Courage. Now Klencka is normally in mix decks mainly with an Overworlder some where in the deck. Since a Overworlder is needed for Klencka to unlock his full potential. But the battlegear General's Standard. This gear lets the equipped Creature be any tribe. Not including Tribeless since they are Tribeless. Like I was saying give Klencka this and make him an Overworlder so he can use his ability in a Danian deck and you can have important Danians like Illexia in your deck. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A big blank.....

Hey guys. I am trying to think and what should be posted next.  Cause I have no clue what to post.Either Deck/ Card Combos/ Reviews or some other Chaotic related things. So I'll be have a poll some where on the blog and you guys will pick what you want.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anti's combo world

Hello readers it is time for another installment of anti's combo world!

stelgar vm / phelphor deck "its nice to see an original stelgar vm deck" (zectbu said this on the app version of this deck imagine the masters version)
arthoa captain of the ezoa meak deck

Cast you're votes now!